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Early Rotary Glasswasher Photo

Headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, USA, Glastender, Inc. was established in 1969 when our founder and CEO, Jon D. Hall, invented the world’s first automatic rotary glasswasher. The cutting-edge glasswasher design saved space and eliminated wasted steps for bartenders.

The second automatic rotary glasswasher sold was incorporated into a pass-thru cocktail station. The innovative station design allowed bartenders and servers to work as a team, doubling bartender output.

Jon pioneered a sense of creativity, flexibility, and feature focus that continues to be ingrained in the culture of our family business to this day. Our enthusiasm for developing new products to meet customer needs has contributed to the tremendous expansion of our product line. We now manufacture a complete line of quality bar equipment and several specialty food service products.

Jon Hall
Jay Kegerreis
In Remembrance

In 1979 Jay H. Kegerreis joined Glastender, Inc. as a corporate investor and Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. He provided the company with much needed expertise in business, sales, and finance.

Along with Jon’s talent for creative design, they formed the perfect alliance that became the backbone of Glastender’s success and continued growth.

When Jay Kegerreis passed away in January 1998, Jon D. Hall, Sr. resumed sole ownership of the company.


From our humble beginnings in a 15,000 square foot building, we have expanded our factory five times. Completed in December of 2009, our most recent expansion brought us to over 189,000 square feet under one roof.

In addition to expanding the physical size of our factory, we have continued to invest in state-of-the-art equipment. A key element in the quality of our products and our efficiency in manufacturing is the utilization of leading-edge automated sheet metal processing equipment.

We invest in our employees as well, providing training and often promoting from within. Our partnership with our employees includes our introduction of open book management in early 2009, allowing all of our employees to have an understanding of our company and how they contribute to our success. Employees see weekly results of the company performance and have a financial interest in the outcome.


We focus on flexibility, having the largest number of bar products in the industry. In addition, we are able to make custom units to serve special needs.

Modular Bar Die

We pay attention to the details. Each piece of equipment is engineered with features that enhance your efficiency, ease your maintenance, and prolong the life of your investment.


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then our competition is saying great things about us. Our attention to detail and focus on efficiency has lead to many innovative firsts that have been replicated by others in the industry. Several of our designs have even become the industry standard. Examples are as follows:

  • GT-24 rotary glasswasher
  • GT-18 door type rack glasswasher
  • Pass-thru cocktail stations
  • All stainless steel underbar
  • Combination ice bins
  • The use of plastic breaker strip as a thermal break around an ice bin liner
  • Soda gun holders
  • Drainboard design that includes a pan with a separate perforated insert
  • Corner fillers as drainboards instead of flat stainless fillers
  • Underbar liquor displays on 16" legs
  • Speed rail open step and rail design
  • Underbar liquor displays and speed rails with plastic sound deadening covers
  • Speed rail clear, lift-off liquor identification covers
  • Modular bar die
  • Single door front-venting back bar cooler
  • 12" compressor compartments on back bar coolers to maintain even overall dimensions
  • 35" high back bar cabinet
  • Narrow door coolers
  • Reach-in mug chiller
  • Glass ice display units
  • One-piece top with integrated mullion on slide top coolers and mug frosters
  • Beer line chillers with remote installable control panel
Design Expertise

Not only are we a world class manufacturer, we are also experts in bar design. Our dedicated and experienced sales team works closely with the customer to create efficient bar designs, improving their chances of success.

Our designs are based on function. We work with you from conception to realization. We ask the right questions to determine your needs and design the most productive layout possible. Our bar designs combined with our incredible product features give you the most efficient and easy to maintain bar possible.

Big enough to handle your needs,

yet small enough to listen

As we are one of the largest bar equipment manufacturers in the world, we have the resources necessary to meet your needs. At the same time, we are a specialty manufacturer. We are still small enough to listen and respond to your special requests. Almost all of our production is made to order, allowing us to pay attention to the details.

Family Business

Jon Hall always encouraged the involvement of his family and each of his five children have worked in the business at one time or another. Currently, son Todd Hall (President), daughter Kim Norris (Vice President of Administration) and son-in-law Mark Norris (Vice President of Operations) handle all of the business operations, which allows Jon to focus on his true passion of designing new products.


From left to right, Jon Hall (CEO), Todd Hall (President),
Kim Norris (VP of Admin), and Mark Norris (VP of Operations)

Expect More

The flexibility you want. The features you need. Glastender. Expect more.

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