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1961 - Jon Hall joins his father, William, in the company business Equipment Distributing Company, a dealer focusing on distributing and leasing Kold-Draft® ice machines.

Jon attends his first National Restaurant Association Show.


Kold-Draft logo
Jon Hall

1976 - Moved from original leased factory in downtown Saginaw to our current location in Kochville Township by purchasing a 12,400 square foot facility on Agricola Drive.


Agricola Drive

1979 - Jay H. Kegerreis joined Glastender, Inc. as a corporate investor and Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. He provided the company with much needed expertise in business, sales, and finance.

Jay Kegerreis



1985 - Purchased the assets of Cooler Corporation of America, a Florida manufacturing company specializing in keg coolers, which marks our entry into the bar refrigeration category.


1995 - Third expansion, adding 60,000 square feet for a total of 101,000. Also purchased our first Salvagnini flexible manufacturing system.

Started providing remote draft beer systems by purchasing the remote beverage equipment line from Habco, Inc. of Toronto, Canada.


Glastender 3rd expansion Draft Beer Systems

2001 - Sillem automatic welding and sanding machines were added to production to automatically weld sink bowls into work surfaces.

Fourth expansion, adding 24,000 square foot two-story office building, for a total of 125,000 square feet. Now occupy the corner of Michigan Road and Agricola Drive, changing our address to 5400 North Michigan Road.


Sillem Glastender Expansion 4

2005 - Released our completely redesigned underbar line with one-piece seamless tops and camlocks to join adjacent backsplashes, among other exclusive features.

Purchased a robotic welder and released our 16 gauge stainless steel fabricated three and four compartment sink bowls that are 2.9 times as thick as our competitors 20 gauge drawn bowls.


Underbar line up and 3 compartment sink

2009 - Began complete open book management operating style.



2010 - Jon attends his 50th consecutive National Restaurant Association show in a row.

Jon Hall


Bottle Disintegration System

2012 - Introduced our Bottle Disintegration System which lowers disposal fees by reducing the volume of glass bottles by as much as 85%.


2016 - Introduced the Vinfinity Wine Preservation System with its patented technology of removing 95% of the air in any open bottle in less than two seconds, protecting wine flavor after every pour to minimize waste and maximize profit.


Vinfinity installed

1964 - Jon invents the world's first ice dispenser.


1969 - Jon invents the world's first automatic rotary glasswasher which is called a "Glastender." The name Glastender becomes a new business venture.


Early Glasswasher
Ice Machine

1978 - Started offering stainless steel underbar.


1978 Stainless Steel Underbar Unit

1984 - First expansion, adding 4,600 sqaure feet for a total of 17,000. Also purchased our first Strippit rotary turret punch machine.



1990 - Sold our first modular bar die job.

Started selling the GT-18 glasswasher, an 18" wide door-type rotary.

Second expansion, consisting of 24,000 feet for a total of 41,000. Also purchased our second Strippit rotary turret punch machine.

Our first mobile design center begins touring the country.

Modular Bar Die


GT-18 Glasswasher
1990 Building Expansion Glastender Mobile Unit

1998 - Jay Kegerreis passed away prematurely in January.


1999 - Purchased Salvagnini robotic panel bender and a second flexible manufacturing system.

Sold our first bar package in India to the Imperial Hotel in Dehli.


Salvagnini Robotic Panel Bender Imperial Hotel

2003 - Added a Mazak Laser and Haas milling machine.



2004 - Released our end-wall refrigerated back bar coolers that move the evaporator out of the main cabinet, increasing storage capacity by up to 48 more bottles.


End-Wall Refrigerated Back Bar Cooler

2008 - Todd Hall named President in August.

Fifth expansion begins, adding 64,000 square feet for a total of 189,000. Also purchased our Salvagnini MV sheet metal storage and retrival system, Salvagnini L2 laser, and SteelMaster deburring system.


Todd Hall
Glastender fifth expansion MV System

2011 - Redefined the rotary glasswasher market by releasing our all new GW24 Glasswasher, which used up to 59% less water and 87% less energy than common industry rotary glasswashers.



2015 - Introduced the new Choice by Glastender underbar line designed to compare more directly with the industry standard, while still distinguishing itself with many superior features.

Introduced our Mixology Units with a compact design to provide the extra features necessary to efficiently create craft cocktails in a minimum amount of space.

Choice by Glastender


Mixology Unit
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